Natural Blue Liquid Spirulina Extract For Cosmetic Additive

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Natural Blue Liquid Spirulina Extract For Cosmetic Additive

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Spirulina extract is an important molecule extracted from spirulina platensis, a 3.6 billion years old known microalgae. It is a natural, water soluble and non-toxic molecule with potent anti-cancer, anti oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Various research studies also support strong cytoprotective, hepatoprotective and neuroprotective profile of phycocyanin.

One of the most widely studied effects of spirulina extract (phycocyanin)is its antioxidant capacity and its free radical scavenging ability, both in-vivo & in-vitro (Romay et. al., 1998). Anti-oxidant potential of phycocyanin is mainly attributed to its phycobilisome (chromophore) moiety (Patel et. al., 2006) and partially to its apoprotein counterpart (Apt et. al., 1995) as the former shows high degree of conjugation of double bonds which stabilizes free radicals. It is well known that reactive oxygen species (ROS) are involved in a diversity of important processes in medicine including inflammation, atherosclerosis, cancer, reperfusion injury etc. One way by which a substance can interfere with these processes, is by acting as an antioxidant. So it can be used as a natural colorant in a number of cosmetics.

More Function:

1. Liquid spirulina extract can help regulate the synthesis of the human body in need of a variety of important enzymes, and it plays an important role in the inhibition of cancer cell growth and promotion of human cell regeneration.

2. Liquid spirulina extract can also regulate the body's immune system, enhance the immune system function, improve the body's resistance to disease;

3. Liquid spirulina extract has function of anti-oxidation, anti-allergic moisturizing, anti-inflammatory freckle and other effects.

4. Another function of liquid spirulina extract is acting as fluorescent agent, the fluorescent effect is 30 times than the normal fluorescein.


? Natural Food Additive:Liquid spirulina extract (phycocyanin)is a bluish pigment used by blue-green algae (or cyanobacteria) to photosynthesize. It accounts for as much as 20% of the protein in cyanobacteria, and attaches itself to photosynthesizing membranes. It acts as a nitrogen-storing molecule. There is no metal in Liquid spirulina extract , and it is a very stable protein.

? Health Food: Liquid spirulina extract may also act as an antioxidant. It appears to scavenge OH and RO radicals quite well. It may also work as well as some NSAIDs to treat inflammation, and seems to have positive effects on liver mocrosomal lipid peroxidation.

? Analytical agent: Liquid spirulina extract (phycocyanin )can also be used as an agent in biological research. igments derived from phycocyanin such as C-phycocyanin and Allophycocyanin have fluorescent properties that are valuable to researchers in immuno assay kits. Phycocyanin is selective about which cells it attaches to, making it simple to track down.

? Cosmetic Additive: Liquid spirulina extract (phycocyanin )can be used as a natural colorant in a number of cosmetics.

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